Video Work

Life Poa: Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

Providing a bank account and financial education for youth is such a powerful and straightforward way to address poverty, though the various barriers to making it happen are unnecessarily complex.  Numerous structural and regulatory barriers work to prevent youth from saving or opening bank accounts, even if they have the funds to do so. I also shared the misconception that youth in impoverished communities likely aren’t able to save money, which turns out isn’t true.

Last October I went to Kenya for a video project about YouthSave’s Life Poa program, which works to remove some the institutional barriers (such as removing minimum bank balances and ID requirements), establish savings accounts, and provide financial education and support to youth in impoverished areas. I left Kenya super inspired and impressed by the children and families working to save and improve their lives, and the large network of smart and caring people who are working hard to see change happen.

Roles: Videographer, Editor, Producer, Project Coordinator

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