I’m a freelance storyteller and digital content creator with a strong draw toward human interest stories that foster positive behavior change.

I was raised in Miami, though I’ve lived or traveled in a variety of places from New Orleans to Delhi that have vastly impacted my world view, instilling in me a respect and love for nature and our shared humanity.

After ten years of working in the non-profit sector, I decided to place more attention on the power of content creation and advocacy in the context of our digital media landscape, enrolling in the University of Washington Communication Leadership program. While in the program, I was awarded a Puffin Fellowship in Digital Media and Human Rights by the UW Center for Human Rights, where I worked to increase public participation in support of human rights in El Salvador through documenting and sharing stories of survivors of crimes against humanity.

In short, I like exploring and making media in an attempt to reveal the intrinsic emotion in a story, a space, a moment, or a movement. My ultimate goal, however, is to work collaboratively on projects that create lasting positive change.

I’m communal by nature and greatly enjoy working with a team, but I’m happy to be a one man crew if that’s what fits your project needs. Feel free to reach out to talk about your project ideas, or just to say hello.

Alex Montalvo