The Camel Mela in Pushkar, India, 2001

I recently re-discovered one of my favorite albums of all time: a trip in 2001 to Pushkar, India, for the annual Camel Fair. In those years, I was traveling with just one of the cheapest Nikon pocket-sized point-and-shoot film cameras one could find. Men with moustaches, earrings, and pink turbans; women in intricate gold-threaded saris and bangles up to their shoulders; camel butts with carefully shaved and died tribal designs–Rajasthan makes the rest of the world seem grey.



Baby Club in the Castro

I recently took a trip to San Francisco to photography my mohawk-ed little niece and the family. With a niece around, I found myself spending more time playing peek-a-boo than the other games historically played in the Castro.



Buena Vista at Sunset

I was taking a walk with my bro Christian Jeria when we stumbled upon lovely Buena Vista park. We stayed to drink up the abundant mix of Pacific mist and light–I could have stayed here all evening into the night.



Seeking Truth and Justice: A Photo Essay from the 6th Annual International Tribunal

A Santa Marta resident holds a candle at a candlelight vigil.

Since 2009, survivors of human rights violations committed during El Salvador’s civil war have gathered each year to share their stories and demand justice for the crimes committed against them and their loved ones. This year, the Tribunal was celebrated in the community of Santa Marta in the department of Cabañas, target of a series of brutal scorched earth operations by the military of El Salvador during the 1980s, including the massacre of Santa Cruz, in which some 200 fleeing civilians were killed.

Organized by the Human Rights Institute of the Central American University and the Network of Committees of War Victims, and presided by a panel of international jurists and human rights advocates, the International Restorative Justice Tribunal closed with a resolution delivering symbolic verdicts in response to each testimony, as well as recommendations calling on national and international authorities to ensure justice and reparations for grave human rights abuses.

Photo essay by Alex Montalvo. Translations by Ursula Mosqueira. A project for the Unfinished Sentences campaign.


Crossing the Street in Hanoi

If a visitor to Vietnam were to take away only one icon, it would be the motorcycle. Below you’ll find a few moto and transit-oriented pics from a trip to Hanoi and environs.