The UW Task Force: From Policy to Practice

The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington combines the social sciences, humanities, and professional fields to enhance our understanding of our increasingly interconnected globe. One standout and unique element of the program is “Task Force,” a capstone course that requires students to work in teams to research a specific policy issue and offer policy recommendations. Their research and recommendations address complex and pressing world issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis, cybersecurity, and US/Iran Policy after the nuclear deal.

Their written report is then subjected to an oral evaluation by experienced policymakers, such as foreign ambassadors and or directors of prominent federal agencies such as the CIA.  Many students cite Task Force as the highlight of their undergraduate education.

This video profiles two student participants in the program, one current and one graduate, as they discuss the impact of Task Force and their Jackson School education.

Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor